Tabangi Service Centre

We have the expertise to service all makes and models, so we are your one stop shop. We are also a proud member of the NAPA Autopro banner , which means that we offer you the best parts and warranties of the industry.


We maintain, we fix and we clean them.

Oil Change

Been overdue for a while? Bring us your car.

Car Batteries

Get it inspected, it doesn't last forever.

General Maintenance

We do it for all makes and models. 

Steering And Suspension

Because the roads are kind of bumpy around here. 

Exhaust And Mufflers

What, we can't here you!? Too loud, get it checked.

Check Engine Lights / ODB2 Scan

We know every single one of them. 

Car A/C maintenance and repair

There is nothing worst than an A/C that let you down. 

Belts And Hoses

We inspect all of them so you stay safe on the road.

New Tires

Only the best brands to keep you and your family safe on the road. 

Tires balancing & wheel alignment

We do it with the best tools of the industry so your tires last longer. 

Starters and Alternators

Your road trips start with the starter. You better make sure it's in good shape.


There are things you don't want to breath, this is why we maintain your filtration system with the best parts. 

Fuel system and ignition

Trust us with your car maintenance, we'll take care of it. 

Cooling system

Your engine also need to stay chill. 

ADAS - Advanced driver-assistance systems

Amazing technology, especially when it works. We also maintain it. 


We fix it when we can and we replace it when we have to. 

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We are here to manage our client’s vehicle repair requirements in a cost-effective, efficient manner